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The products are manufactured in accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation, they have a PRODUCT CERTIFICATE or
QUALITY CERTIFICATES with a warranty card, jewelry label according to Industry Standard (OST) 117-3-002-95.


1. FIRST ATELIER OF JEWELRY FRAMES SERGEY TARASOV guarantees that is has full permission required to manufacture and sell jewelry glasses frames and other jewelry made out of precious materials. All products are completed in accordance with OST 117-3-002-95 and GOST R 51932-2002, have been assayed, and have a stamp of the current (actual) mark and the seal of the State Inspectorate of Assay Supervision. Notice of placement on special control in the Russian State Assay Chamber # 0160026145.

2. In the case of substantial issue (hidden defects), the Buyer can demand the Merchant comply with the requirements outlined in articles 18 and 19 of the Russian Consumer Rights Protection Law. Based on Order of the Government of Russia no. 684, dated June 15, 1994 products made from precious metals and precious stones are not eligible for return or exchange, except in cases of the discovery of defects not mentioned by the merchant... In the case of the discovery of defects not mentioned by the merchant in products made from precious metals and precious stones, the buyer has the right to replace the product within 6 months of the day of purchase..., or those defects must be eradicated at no cost... The buyer's requests will be considered if the product receipt and their valid passport are presented.

3. ATELIER's products come with an 18-month warranty. During the warranty period, products are repaired for free if the break is the obvious or hidden result of a manufacturing error. If the product was damaged by the client, repair has an additional cost, but the maximum discount will be applied to it.

4. The warranty period is noted in the product Passport or Certificate of Quality. The correct completion of the removable stub (Client Card) is a required condition. The warranty covers parts of the structure that are made from precious metals and decorative inlays, except for precious, semi-precious, and ornamental stones, the lenses, and the packaging. The warranty only extends to products purchased and serviced in sales organizations that are ATELIER's official partners. The partnerships are public in nature and are available in sales and repair locations. They are listed on ATELIER's website. In the event of the client replacing some of the frames' elements on their own or other manipulations in salons that are not official partners of ATELIER, the warranty loses its power, as the possibility of controlling the conducting operations has disappeared.

5. Post-warranty service is provided without an expiration date. Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.



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