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Sergey Tarasov | Первое ателье ювелирных оправ

Sergey Tarasov | Как заказать ювелирные оправы для очков из золота


Call us or write to us.
The process will be carried out remotely, without the need to meet in person.
We need your prescription and some photos.


Photos with a ruler are necessary to know the exact measures of your head.
Print the instructions and take the photos by yourself,
or have a photographer take your picture.

Not all plastic rulers are accurate. If the ruler is not accurate, the frame won’t fit.

We advise you to use a wooden school ruler. It won’t glare if you use a flash, it is rigid and it has an exact scale in compliance with the State Standards.

1. Important! Full-face and profile photos should be taken from a distance of at least 3 meters. The scale of the ruler cannot be seen clearly in photos taken with iPhone and other mobile phones at a distance of 3 meters. You need to use a digital camera (better a reflex camera). You can use the zoom.

2. Do not take the photo against the light (with the sun, a window, or a lamp at your back).

3. When you take your full-face photo you should hold the ruler on your forehead, higher than your eyebrows, and look straight in front of you.
4. The top of the ears should be more or less at the level of your pupils.
5. Gather you hair so that the top of your ears can be seen.

6. When you take your profile photo, put the ruler behind your ear, hold it with your hand from behind, without covering your eyes and eyebrows.
7. In the picture the farthest eyebrow should be at the same level as the nearest one.
8. Look straight ahead, do not look down.


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