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Founded in 2014.

The opportunity to simultaneously pursue our passion and be useful for others is our defining value.

The idea of making glasses in individual shapes and sizes appeared a long time ago, but we only began making it a reality in 2014. Clothes and shoes made to order have been an ordinary part of life for ages, while, for some reason, the production of anatomically calibrated glasses frames was in the shadows, despite the fact that glasses are one of our most important accessories. Glasses are an optical instrument, but they are one of our main adornments at the same time. No accessory can transform a person, change his/her character or age, or embellish or dismay a person as much as glasses. Atelier strives to create unique jewelry frames for people who want the very best and who want to underscore their individuality and their status. We don't blindly follow fashion trends, instead creating a personal style for each individual person. Atelier is a manufacturing and innovations company that debuted in 2014 with a series of leading items on the glasses market. First and foremost, we offer a service that prepares glasses frames to order, using a signature technology of long-distance modeling. We offer not the choice of frames from a variety of options, but instead the personalized creation of a geometrically calibrated individual frames that takes into account all the client's technical and optical requirements, as well as his/her natural tendencies and habits. Our signature method is simple, successfully operates remotely, and does not require an in-person meeting for measurements. Options for glasses are developed based on the client's photos, after which he chooses the one he likes. Based on this, personal templates are created, after which completely unique frames are made.

The Atelier philosophy aims to perfect its process, which guarantees convenience and consistent quality and saves your time. Just for you, we're prepared to create incredible items, combine different techniques and materials, implement unusual solutions, improvise, erase borders and stereotypes, and create luxurious and comfortable frames. Let us solve at least one of the issues you face, but in such a way that you only have to return to it to recreate the satisfaction you'll feel.


© Sergey Tarasov 2014

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