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We offer gift cards with three different values.
A gift card is the best way to make a precious gift to your loved ones without worrying about the details!

“Silver” for the amount of 150,000 rubles, for the basic value of a gold plated 925` silver frame.
“Gold” for the amount of 250,000 rubles, for the minimum basic value of a 750` gold frame.
“Premium” for the amount of 350,000 rubles, for a more expensive frame.


1. A gift card gives its owner the right to pay, partially or in full, for the products or services offered on the website, for an amount equal to the nominal value of the Gift Card.
2. The bearer of the Gift Card can receive the service autonomously, order or buy a product among the ones offered on the website
3. The Gift Card does not have an electronic version, it is not transferable, has an original number and is available only on paper. The Gift Card can be delivered by mail or by courier.
4. In accordance with Letter of the Ministry of Finance No. 03-03-06/1/268 dated April 25, 2011, the Gift Card can be used for advance payment.
5. The Gift Card can only be used by its owner for partial or full payment of the contract amount for the purchase of the service, order, or purchase of the products or services offered on the website for the amount indicated on the Gift Certificate.
6. You can buy a Gift Card on our website, Fill in the form and make an advance payment to the account specified on
7. If the price for the product or service is lower than the value of the Gift Card, the difference between the price and the value of the Gift Card will not be refunded.
8. If the price for the product or service is lower than the value of the Gift Card, the bearer of the Gift Card will pay the difference in accordance with the services agreement upon order or purchase of the product. The agreement will specify the number of the Gift Card accepted as a payment for the goods, work, services.
9. The customer can buy several products or services with one Gift Card, as well as buy one product or service using one Gift Card.
10. The Gift Card will be valid for one calendar year from the moment when it was sold, unless otherwise agreed. The date of sale of the Gift Card is the date when the funds were credited to the bank account specified on the website
11. When the validity term of a Gift Card expires, it will lose its validity and it will not be refundable, unless the Gift Card has already been accepted as a paymentfor the products, work or services provided by the Atelier.
12. A Gift Certificate can be used only once. The date of use of the Gift Card is the date of performance of the work or services under the agreement which have been paid partially or in full using one or several Gift Cards.
13. Gift Cards are not securities or goods, they are not transferable or refundable, and cannot be exchanged for Gift Cards with a lower value.
14. In the event of loss of a Gift Card, the Card cannot be restored or refunded.
15. The Gift Certificate will be activated within one calendar day from the date of its purchase.





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