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Is it possible to make frames out of the client's junk metal and jewelry?

Unfortunately, we do not accept junk metal, as it must first be affined (cleaned to 41.67 karats), after which other components must be added to it to achieve the correct purity level in order to produce a guaranteed alloy. In accordance with the amendments 111-FZ dated May 5, 2015 and Order of the Government of Russia No. 972, dated August 17, 1998, 972 only 11 manufacturers on Russia's territory are allowed to affine precious metals. In addition, the minimal limit of accepted junk metal is no less than 900 grams of 41.67 karat metal. For example, the average weight of a frame is 20-30 grams, so collecting junk to reach the required limit is time-consuming and counter-productive.

How long does it take for frames to be made?

The entire process consists of two stages. STAGE ONE: DESIGN. The client receives their first designs 2-4 days after they first reach out to us. The duration of this stage depends not only on the designer's efficiency, but also on that of the client. As a rule, the first stage lasts from 1 week to 1 month until the model is confirmed. STAGE TWO: MANUFACTURING. The manufacturing time also varies, depending on the difficulty and labor intensity of the product, from 4 weeks to 3 months. The contract lists 3 months by default.

What is the guarantee that the metal is real and has its stated purity?

The metal is procured officially in bank ingots at a purity of 41.65 karats, after which an alloy of the desired purity is produced and enters the manufacturing process. The seal of the State Inspectorate of Assay Supervision, which is placed on the frames, serves as proof of the metal's listed purity.

What do i do if something breaks?

In accordance with Order of the Government of Russia no. 55, dated January 19, 1998, items made from precious metals, with precious stones, or from precious metals with inlays of semi-precious and man-made stones, and cut precious stones [...] are not to be returned or exchanged. ATELIER provides an 18-month warranty for its products. During the warranty period, products are repaired for free if the break is the obvious or hidden result of a manufacturing error. If the product was damaged by the client, repair has an additional cost, but the maximum discount will be applied to it. Post-warranty service is offered without a time limit and on a case-by-case basis.

What lenses are placed in the frames?

We offer a wide spectrum of lenses: from budget to high-end options, which are made to order. We do not charge a lens commission. Moreover, given our partnerships with a number of lens manufacturers, our lens prices are often lower than retail. Lenses are installed by high-level specialists in a certified partner company workshop. If you'd like to install your lenses on your own locally, or if you require lens layout, then non-prescription lenses are installed in the frames to be replaced with prescription lenses by the client. The cost of the frames includes non-prescription lenses, while prescription lenses are paid for separately.

Where can we meet in person?

The technology does not require an in-person meeting with the client, but, if you like, we can arrange to meet for a photoshoot in Moscow in a convenient location.

Can glasses be made based on a model or a sketch?

Yes. Moreover, the frames will be adapted to your size and anatomical features.

Can you copy the frames of a famous brand?

While this is technically possible, ethically we cannot copy other brands, let alone other brands' logos. It is possible to make a close analogue of the frames with another logo on it, for instance, one of your own design.

Can you make glasses as a gift without a person's photos?

Yes, we can, if you take a picture of the recipients' glasses next to a ruler. The size of the gift will match that of the prototype. The photographed glasses must fit their owner; otherwise, if the photographed glasses are too small or too big, then so will the glasses we produce. You can make word-based size adjustments.

Can i find out how much the glasses will cost in advance?

Yes. Approximate prices for collection frames are shown on the website, but even an exact copy of one of the models on the website may differ slightly in price because of metal and stone price fluctuation, individual sizes and the weight of the frames. The exact cost of a named model, designed to order, will be calculated once the model is confirmed. The cost will be reflected in the contract. Discounts are available.

How does delivery work?

Delivery is free in Russia and is conducted by DPD Co., which has all the licenses required to transport precious metals and jewelry. The delivery time depends on your location and usually takes from 3 to 7 days. The recipient, address and data are confirmed before shipment. Detailed conditions are available in the contract on Atelier's website.

What do i do if i wasn't able to receive the package?

You must let us know as soon as possible. There are several options. The package can wait for you in a local DPD office, the delivery can be postponed, etc. The problem is solved depending on the context, but it's best to avoid this. Detailed conditions are available in the contract on Atelier's website.

How is the product paid for?

After the design is confirmed, a contract is signed. It contains an additional agreement with all of the future frames' parameters: the sketch, metal purity, coatings, inlays, text of engraving, overall cost, advance sum, etc. The advance can be paid to Atelier's bank account using any convenient method in Russian Rubles, after which manufacturing begins. The final payment is conducted by cash or card to the DPD courier who delivers the package. The package is sent through a pay on delivery model.

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