Remote fitting technology
Sergey Tarasov | Первое ателье ювелирных оправ

Sergey Tarasov | Как заказать ювелирные оправы для очков из золота


Call us or write to us.
The process will be carried out remotely, without the need to meet in person.
We need your prescription and some photos.


We offer you the unique chance to participate in the creation of the product.
We send to our clients photos of the whole manufacturing process.

Photo report 1.
It will be sent when all details,
molds, and the frame front are ready.

Photo report 2.
It will be sent after the product is checked by the
State Inspectorate of Assay Supervision and marked

Photo report 3.
It will be sent after engraving of the name,
personal number and frame measurements

Photo report 4.
The final photo report will be sent before
shipment of the finished product to the customer

The name engraving can be made in several languages, not only on the frame,
but on the accessories as well. You can choose the material and the color of the writing.
In addition to the glasses we can manufacture matching accessories and jewelry.

Free delivery in Russia.


To create a personalized frame we make a special set of equipment and molds,
which will be used only once

The State Inspectorate of Assay Supervision verifies the fineness of the products.
Our products are marked with the manufacturer’s name and bear the mark
of the State Inspectorate confirming the fineness of the metal.

The process comprises more than 100 technological operations, more than 10 creative and technical specializations,
the most innovative materials, equipment and technologies, including laser cutting,

3D modeling and CNC machining

However, craftsmanship remains a key element. The processing and adaptation of all parts, lenses, inserts, attaching of gemstones, finishing, final assembling of the products are made only by hand

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the whole team,
a product made with love turns into a masterpiece

© Sergey Tarasov 2014

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